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contact lens reviews Recently silicon hydro gel contact lenses appeared on the market. They are made of a material of a new generation. These are the soft lenses possessing high gas permeability, competitive with good rigid gas-permeable lenses. Focus Night and Day and Acuvue Advance are most popular of these new lenses.
Manufacturers predict, that such lenses will become alternative of surgical operation.

Some general recommendations and useful advice further follow.

  • Don’t use lenses when you got a cold. Wear your glasses instead.

  • Store your contact lenses in a door of a refrigerator (but don’t freeze them), especially if you don’t wear your lenses every day.

  • In cases of any sensations of discomfort, reddening of eyes, tears, a photophobia, blurring of sight necessarily see a doctor.

  • Soft contact lenses cannot be let to dry up. The lens should be either on an eye, or in a special solution. If you have casually dried up a lens, throw it out, it is no longer good.

  • Clean your lenses every time you handle them (before putting it in your eye and after removing). Give it a gentle 10-15 seconds rub in a solution. The only exception is color contact lenses – don’t rub them, this might damage the color.

  • Be aware of contact lens risks, wear them according to the schedule


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