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  1. contact lens reviewsEvery time when you remove contact lenses, you should clean them.

  2. To avoid confusion, always handle one lens at a time. Most people begin with the right lens

  3. After you have taken out lenses from the container, pour out the used solution, wash the lens case and dry it

  4. Strictly follow recommendations of your eye doctor on care for your contact lenses

  5. Use all purpose solution for clearing, disinfection and storages of contact lenses, not just a cheaper storage solution (it disenfects the lenses, but doesn’t remove proteins)

  6. Lenses should be always intact! Any damage of contact lenses requare their replacement

  7. Make sure to use your solution before expire date. Discard any solution 3 month after opening the bottle.

  8. Replace your lenses on schedule. Discard daily disposable lenses every evening, 2 week replacement lenses – every 2 weeks.Wearing contact lenses longer than they are intended for can cause eye infection

  9. Never sleep in your lenses (unless you wear extended wear contacts like Acuvue or Focus Night and Day)

  10. When putting contact lenses in, make sure they are not inside out

  11. If you feel sudden discomfort, take your lens of immidiately. Most likely something got in between your lens and your eye surfuce

  12. If you didn’t wear your contacts for a while, give them a double rinse

If you follow these simple suggestions, you shouldn't have any problens with your lenses and healthy eyes.




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