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Contact lens risks

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contact lens reviews Contact lens is great alternative for glasses. They don’t restrict your peripheral vision, don’t steam, don’t press against your nose and eyes and let your play any sport your like.

However, eye doctors, often talk about risks related to contacts lenses.

Wearing contact lenses that aren’t properly fitted for you and not caring for contact lenses properly, can cause your serious eye problems. If you want to wear contact lenses, you should be aware of the risks they present.

Color contact lens danger

Color and special effect lenses are fun, but you should never assume that you could just buy a pair without consulting and eye doctor. Even if you need non-prescription color lenses. When buying color lenses, make sure that you consult your optometrist first and buy only the lenses of top quality. While colored contacts by reputable manufacturers like Freshlook or Acuvue 2 Colors are safe for your eyes, colored contacts that are sold in beauty salons and flea markets can cause serious eye infection.

Also all color contacts (even the top quality ones) are thicker then clear lenses and have low oxygen permeability. This means that you shouldn’t wear them for longer then 8 hours and should not sleep in them. Otherwise blocking oxygen flow to your cornea can cause keratitis (inflammation of the cornea).

Contact lenses and water

It is better not to let your lens to come in contact with water at all. Bacteria that live in water stick to contact lenses causing infections. In some regions the risks are higher than in others, because of different hardness of water. In hard water bacteria breed faster than in soft. People who wear extended wear contact lenses are in most danger.

Eye doctors agree that in regions with hard water, people should be very careful with water contact with their eyes if they wear contacts. So always wear goggles when swimming and take a shower before you put your lens in.

Contact lens can literally damage your cornea

Often eye doctors notice that patients who wear contact lenses have little scratches on the surface on their eyes. Usually these are harmless, but in some cases can also cause infection.

People who wear disposable contact lenses usually don’t suffer from lens damaging their eyes. Most of the patients with scratches were people who wore conventional (annual replacement) lenses and people who neglected proper care for their lenses.

If your eye doctor notice that your eye surface is scratched, it is best not to wear contact lenses while your eyes heal themselves. After that you can switch to disposable contacts.

Contact lenses and children

Some doctors think that vision correction for children isn’t necessary, because it only helps shortsightedness to progress. Other doctors on the contrary prescribe contact lenses to their young patients.

With proper care contact lenses are safe for children, but very often children don’t realize how important it is to follow all recommendations regarding their contacts. If your baby wears contact lenses, make sure that she or he takes them off every night and clean them properly.

For safety reasons, it is best if your child wears daily disposable lenses. This way no cleaning is involved and she or he only has to learn how to insert and remove the lenses. Daily disposables are more expensive, but they are definitely the safest choice for your child’s eyes.

Most optometrists agree that extended wear contacts (lenses that you can wear for several day without removing) aren’t recommended for children.

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