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contact lens reviewsHow to order contacts online

There are so many companies that sell contact lens with a discount online. If you order contacts online you can get a very good deal.

However, as with everything sold over the Internet it is important to remember that not all online contact lens retailers are equal.

Almost all contact lens online discount retailers sell contacts 40-70 % cheaper than the doctors. The actual difference depends on the type of lens and how common they are. You will find out that the prices in most online contact lens stores are more or less the same.

However, reputable contact lens stores differ from others because of good customer service, large stock of contacts and reasonable shipping costs.

Compare prices of discount contact lenses

While comparing prices of discount contact lenses, you should take shipping costs into account. Some companies offer low prices on contacts, but their shipping charge is ridiculous. Usually it turns out cheaper to order contacts with slightly higher price, but get free shipping.

Compare discount contact lenses

Compare discount contact lenses

Another thing to take into consideration when ordering discount contact lenses is how many contact lenses the company has in stock. If they don’t carry large stocks of contacts, they will have to order your lenses from somebody else, which may delay the shipment. It is always best to order discounted contact lenses from large retailers that carry big stocks of contact lens. And before you buy, compare contact lenses.

Discount contact lens no rx

Actually it is illegal to sell discount contact lens without doctor’s prescription. However, some online stores trust you to have your prescription. But please bear in mind that ordering discount contact lens without prescription can be dangerous, because lenses, which aren’t properly fitted, might damage your eyes.

From reputable online retailers you can order discount contact lenses Focus day and night, discounted Halloween contact lenses or discount colored toric contact lenses.



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