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Contact lens case isn’t just the place to keep your lenses. Modern lens cases come in so many exciting designs, that you should find the one to suit your personality

Most modern cases features a leak proof closure, "R" and "L" references, and ribbed wells for easy removal of your lenses!

Hard contact lens case

Many people are searching for hard contact lenses cases. However, you don’t need a special case for hard contacts. Any soft contact lens case is suitable for hard contact lenses, so you can select from hundreds of designs

Contact lens travel case

contact lenses caseIf you are looking for contact lens traveling case, you best option is the case that can be clipped to the solution bottle. This way you will have all your eye accessories together. You can also get a smaller solution bottle; there is no need to carry extra half a liter.

Some traveling contact lenses cases also come with a little mirror, which can be very handy.

color contact lenses caseColor contact lenses cases for color contact lenses

If you wear color contact lenses and have more than one color it makes sense to keep different color lenses in colored cases.

Replace your lens case often

It happens very often that people use 2 week replacement contact lenses and take a good care of them, but neglect to care for their lens case. Keeping your contact lens case clean is as important as rinse your lenses every time you handle them. The best way to do it is to wash your lens case with soap and rinse it with boiled water (cooled of course)

Also to minimize the risk of infection eye care professionals recommend replacing your contact lens case every three month. Since you can get so many exciting lens cases designs and it doesn’t cost much, there is no reason why you shouldn’t replace your lens cases often.

Coastal Contacts and ACLens offer the biggest selection cute contact lens cases designs at cheap price.



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