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Contact lenses coloured with a perscription
Most brand name coloured contact lenses come with prescription powers as well as in plano. Freshlook Colorblends toric is the only toric colour contact lenses.

Acuvue contact lenses. Coloured lenses.
Acuvue 2 Colour is one of the most comfortable coloured lens, it also creates great very natural effect

Coloured contact lenses types

Coloured contact lens stores


contact lens reviewsColoured contact lenses have become more and more popular these days. The opportunity of colouring of contact lenses has been opened at an early stage of history of contact lenses. In 1888 Fick knew about potential cosmetic advantages of contact lenses with an opaque zone of a pupil and iris. Today coloured contacts are used not only to change the color of eyes, but also to follow a fashion and to mask eye defects.

Therapeutic and masking coloured lenses for treatment and masking of defects of an eye has been created. They can mask scars left by a trauma, scarring of a cornea or congenital anomalies.

Many soft and rigid contact lenses are slightly colored they could be found easily. Special color lenses have been created to help patients with pathologies of colour perception. Crazy lenses and Wild Eyes colour contact lenses with amusing figures like cat eyes, hot red or white lenses are on sale as accessories of a fashion or for theatrical performances.

Cosmetic coloured contact lenses can be:

1. Partially transparent to enhance your eye colour
2. Opaque – to change your natural colour completely

Enhancement coloured contacts

Partially transparent enhancement lenses allow to see natural colour of your eyes. The effect of these lenses depends on natural colour of your eyes and from colour of lenses.
Partially transparent coloured contacts work best for light eyes. Their effect on brown eyes would be minimal.

Transparent colour lenses are great to enhance your real color. At the majority of translucent color lenses the edge has no colour, and the aria of your pupil is also not coloured. Most enhancement lenses like Acuvue 2 Colors enhancers or Freshlook Radiance, however, also coloured in the middle, which creates a more natural look. Acuvue colored lens is also very comfortable. Light translucent color lenses have minimal affect on your sight, you only notice slight change in colour perception for a few minutes after putting your lenses in.

Opaque colour contact lenses

Opaque colour lenses are intended for radical change of your eye colour. These lenses replace iris as a surface of reflection, and color of reflected light is defined by applied dyes. Such lenses can be used for change of color both light, and dark eyes.

Solid opaque colour would give your eye a dim unnatural kind, that is why best colour contacts has a pattern imprinted that simulates natural pattern of a human eye. This gives them more natural appearance.

Brand name opaque coloured lenses like Freshlook Colorblends or Acuvue 2 Colours opaques employ great technology to create a natural look. Not only the lens has imprinted pattern, but it is also a blend of several shades of one colour, just like in a real human eyes




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