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Cheap coloured contact lenses
You can get cheap coloured contact lenses, if you order them online from trusted retailers. If you order large supply of colour contacts most stores offer free shipping.

Coloured contact lenses non prescription
If you are looking for non prescription colour contact lens both Acuvue 2 Colours and Freshlook come with correction powers as well as in plano (non prescription)

Colour contact lenses review

Cheap colour contact lenses


bifocals reviewsMany people would like to change color of their eyes or to make its more vivid and colored contact lenses can help. There are a lot of colour lenses currently on the market. Some of them intended for light or dark eyes, some work on light eyes only.

Colours of contact lenses

There are many colours of contact lenses available. The company Ciba Vision presents several collections: FreshLook Colors, FreshLook Colorblends, Freshlook Dimensions and Freshlook Radiance.

Contact lenses Freshlook Colours change colour of dark eyes intensively and cardinally. The effect is very bright, 4 colours are available: blue, green, gray and violet. These are monthly disposable colour contacts. They are made from high quality material and contain 55% of water, they also offer UV protection.

Colour contact lens Freshlook Colorblends, blend 3 colours into one, creating a more natural look. Today 9 colours are available. Initially it were blue, green, honey, turquoise, gray, amethystine, brown. Later True Sapphire and Pure Hazel were added. True Sapphire is probably the best of blue colour contact lens – it creates very bright and deep but naturally looking colour.

Freshlook Radiance is the next step in development of colour contacts. They practically do not change color of eyes, but give to them sparkling light. 4 colours with romantic names are available Sunrise, Autumn, Moonlight and Eden. The effect is more noticeable on light eyes than on dark eyes. These lenses are also intended to be worn for 1 month.

Freshlook Dimensions are unique lenses developed for light eyes. They make your eye colour brighter. They also have a very dark contour, which make your eyes appear larger and adds depth

All Freshlook colour lenses are monthly disposable. They are comfortable to wear because they contain 55% of water. They also offer high UV protection.

Acuvue 2 Colours

Freshlook main competitor is Acuvue 2 Colours contacts developed by Johnson and Johnson. You can get Acuvue 2 Colours opaques and enhancers.

Acuvue 2 colour lensesAcuvue 2 Colours features:

  • Extreme comfort as all Acuvue contact lenses
  • Very good vision correction
  • Advantage of frequent scheduled replacement (2-week replacement)
  • High oxygen permeability;
  • Protection of eyes against UV rays.

Special technology Colours-Wrapped-In-Comfort means not painting on a surface of a contact lens, and its distribution of colour inside contact lens. Acuvue 2 Colours enhancers offer 3 colours: turquoise, green or dark blue shade. Opaque colour lenses by Acuvue offer 7 colour choices.



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