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Cheap colored contacts

You can get non-prescription cheap colored contacts online

Free color contacts

Many people search for free color contact lenses, but you can’t order them online. Doctors usually offer you a trial pare of color contact lenses.


Colored contacts review and comparison

For hundreds years women have been matching cloths color to the color of their eyes. But now you can have an eye color to match your cloth. Colored contacts are great if you always want to look fresh and different.

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Color lenses suit people with perfect vision as well as people who need vision correction. You can get prescription color contacts as well as non-prescription ones.

Most non-prescription cosmetic color contacts are soft lenses. Most colored lenses contain 50-55% of water. Higher water percentage isn’t suitable for coloring the lens. Therefore, you shouldn’t wear them all day long, regardless of what the advertisement wants you to believe. And you should never sleep in your color lenses.

The color can be of two different types: solid (which looks a bit artificial) or simulating natural color of an iris of the eye. The second pattern looks more natural and creates an illusion that your eyes have always been that bright, beautiful color.

Almost all contact lens manufacturers produce color contact lenses now. Most popular color contacts are Acuvue 2 Colours by Johnson and Johnson, Expressions by Cooper Vision and Freshlook by Ciba Vision.

These color lenses are so popular because not only they create beautiful, natural looking effect, but they are also very comfortable. All three brands are frequent replacement color lenses (Acuvue – 2 weeks replacement, Freshlook and Expressions – monthly replacement lenses). Replacing your contacts often is always the healthiest choice for your eyes, because with time protein from your eyes builds up on the lens, it starts feeling uncomfortable and doesn’t provide clear vision.

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opaque color contact lensAnnual replacement color lenses

CibaSoft Soft colors creates very natural looking, but vivid color. Your eyes look very deep. It is an enhancement color lens (for light eyes only) and is available in aqua, blue, evergreen, amber, royal blue and violet.

Natural Touch by Cooper Vision – truly opaque lenses, suitable even for very dark eyes. Create deep, bright colors.

Illusions is also by Ciba vision. Beautiful opaque lens in gray, violet, soft green, deep green, soft blue, deep blue, and soft amber.

Conventional non-prescription colored contacts are not as comfortable as frequent replacement ones. They are intended to last for a year, so they are thicker. They don’t let enough oxygen through. For this reason you shouldn’t wear them longer then 8 hours a day. Also with time protein builds up on a lens and it loses its clarity. Most conventional color lens wearers report that a “year” lens usually only lives 8-10 month.


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