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Cheap colored contacts

You can get non-prescription cheap colored contacts online

Free color contacts

Many people search for free color contact lenses, but you can’t order them online. Doctors usually offer you a trial pare of color contact lenses.


Dangers of colored contact lenses and special effect contact lenses

Discount colored contact lenses reviews





Colored contact lenses are becoming more and more popular. These days you don’t have to be born with a beautiful eye color, a pair of colored lenses can make you eyes green, blue or even violet in seconds. And with special effect lenses you can make your eyes look completely inhuman.

However, the question many people ask – is it safe to wear colored and special effect contacts?

The short answer is – yes. Modern brand name colored and special effects contacts are very thin and comfortable. If you buy colored contacts by reputable brand and care for them properly, color lenses are absolutely safe for you. The dangers occure when people neglect the simple safety rules. Doing so can lead to an eye infection and even compleat blindness.

Safety rules regarding special effect contacts and colored lenses are very simple

Same rules apply to both plano (no corrective powers) and corrective lenses.

  1. Never buy your color contacts from flea markets or beauty salons. The lenses you obtain from these places are of questionable quality and can be made from materials that are dangerous to your eyes. According to the FDA contact lenses (even the plano ones) are medical devices and can only be sold by an optometrist or licensed contact lens retailer.
    While ordering your contacts from a doctor is a bit pricey, reputable online retailers of colored lenses offer high quality discount color contacts.

  2. See your eye doctor to obtain a prescription for color contact lenses or special effects lenses. This is absolutely necessary if you need vision correction – most color and costume lenses come with corrective powers.
    If you have a 20/20 vision and want to wear color contacts just for fun, visiting a doctor is highly advisable as well. Most colored lenses offer two or more options for base curve – a parameter you can’t guess, this is a doctor’s job. So while buying color lenses from a doctor is a waste of money, having them properly fit is an investment in your health.

  3. Never swap your color or special effect contacts with other people. Tempting is it may be, trying on somebody else’s contact lenses is a sure way to pick an eye infection.

  4. Take proper care of your color contacts
  • Wear your lenses according to the schedule – most popular colored contacts like Freshlook collections of Acuvue 2 Colors are 2 week replacement lenses, which means that you have to throw them away every 2 weeks and replace with a new pair

  • Don’t go to bed wearing your colored contacts – they aren’t designed to be worn overnight

  • Clean your color lenses every time after removing and before inserting. Wash your hands with soap before handling the lenses.

  • Never wear a lens that is ripped, replace it with a new oneIf you feel that your color lenses hurt your eyes immediately remove them – most likely the lens is broken or an eyelash get stuck under it.

  • Clean your lenses and if they aren’t ripped put them back. If discomfort persists consult your doctor
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You see - taking proper care of your beautiful color contact lenses isn’t all that difficult. They can do wonders to change your appearance, and following the safety rules you won’t have any problems with them




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