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Cheap colored contacts

If you are looking for cheap colored contact lens, you should order them online. All lenses mentioned above are avaliable from Coastal Contacts, who garantees the lowest prices on colored contacts. They also offer free shipping on orders over a certain ammount.

Free colored contact lenses

Most eye doctors offer you free trial pare of colored contacts. They are great to determine how the lenses would look on your eyes (which might be very different from how they look on the advartising picture).

Colored contact lens comparison

Discount colored contacts


contact lens reviewsThere are many exciting designs of color contact lens. Most popular are Acuvue 2 Colors and Freshlook. Without a question these are good lenses, but what if you aren’t happy with any of them, are there any better options?

There are many other less advertised, therefore less popular colored contact lenses. Most of them don’t offer anything exciting, but there are some that offer great look, often superior to the popular brands. Here we list colored contact lenses that creat best effects. All of them come in plano (no correction) as well as with corrective power.

Colored contact lenses for a great look

Expressions by Cooper Vision. They create a very natural look, people who don’t know you, would never guess that you are wearing colored lenses, all they would see is your beautiful eyes, bright and soft at the same time.Expression Colors are opaque color lenses for brown eyes. Their best colors are green and blue. They also offer jade as a variation of green, but most people who tried Expressions agree that jade doesn’t look as good as green.

Expressions Accents are enhancement colored contacts for light eyes. Blue and Violet creat the best look. Violet is acually quet unique, and Expressions is the best choice if you want a mistical amethyst tint for your eyes.

Expressions are 2 weeks disposable colored contact lenses, they cost pretty much the same as Acuvue or Freshlook lenses.

If you want a bright color that makes a statement, Illusions by Ciba Vision is a way to go. They are probably the best color contact lens for dark eyes. Illusions are completely opaque with an iris pattern embedded, which makes them look natural yet very bright.

It is not easy to make brown eyes appear blue, most blue color lenses still look like blue lenses over brown eyes. Not Illusions though – unique design of the lens masks your natural color completely. You can choose soft green or blue (effect of light eyes) or deep blue or green (effect of dark eyes). Most people agree that soft green and blue look better, than deep.Illusions also offer gray and soft amber, but to be honest these designes aren’t as sucsessful as their green and blue.

Illusions are conventional colored lenses, they last for a year if you handle them carefully.

Clearly Colorscolored contact lenses for brave girls. These lenses are garanteed to make a statement. Colors don’t look natural (that is the point) but shiny and so bright that your eyes almost illuminate.

Clearly Colors are very interesting lenses if you want to be the center of attention. Best colors are blue, violet and amber. These lenses are suitable for light and dark eyes.



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