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How to select right color contact lenses for your eyes

It all depends on the natural color of your eyes, your skin type and hair color. Here is the guide to selecting the best color contact lens for you.

Crazy Contact lenses amazing designs of costume contacts
Freshlook or Acuvue, which color contacts are best for you?

Acuvue contacts - are they really that good?

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Color contacts - brighten your eyes with color contact lenses

Color contacts come very handy when you want to change your look.


Whether you have light or dark eyes, want to change your eye color dramatically or enhance your natural color there are colored contacts that would suit your purpose. It is important to find colored lenses that are right for your natural eye color. These days color lenses are inexpensive and easy to get - you can get them online without any problems. Most popular colored contact lenses are Freshlook color contacts and Acuvue 2 Colors.

Color contacts – what’s available?

There are two major types of contact lenses that can change your eye color:

  • An enhancement tint contacts that are designed to enrich natural hue of your eyes (but not to change it). It is ideal if you have naturally blue eyes and want to make them deeper and more interesting. They don't really change your eye color, but make your eyes more interesting. Special lenses like Freshlook Dimensions also make your eyes appear larger. Unfortunately, if you have dark eyes this type of lenses won't work for you. You will need lenses with a strong color tint.

  • A color tint lenses that dramatically change your eye color. No matter whether you have light or dark eyes with color tint contacts you can obtain any new shade you desire.

There are also lenses that have visibility tint. Those should not be confused with colored lenses as they are NOT designed to affect the color of your eyes at all, so don't be fooled by their blue appearance. They have light tint of blue or green to make them more visible in the solution or in case you drop your lens.

The center of both color tinted and enhancement tint lenses is clear, so a person can see.

One disadvantage of colored lenses is that, if the lens moves a bit it can overlap your pupil. The same happens when your pupils get wider in the dark - part of the pupil might become covered by lens. That might slightly decrease your vision temporarily. This is mostly a problem with opaque color lenses, transparent colored contacts usually don't affect your vision at all.

Which color lenses are best for you?

Freshlook colorblends color contact lenses light eyes

  • If your eyes are light and you want to enrich their color. Your best choices are Freshlook Radiance or Acuvue 2 Enhances. Both create excellent color tint. Acuvue 2 colors seem brighter and more intense. Also there is a new Ciba Vision’s lenses called Freshlook Dimensions, those lenses not only enrich your natural color, their unique pattern makes your eyes appear larger and more alive. Dimensions look very natural, but attract attention to your eyes.

  • If you want to brighten your natural shade of your eyes and add sparkles to your eyes, Freshlook Radiance is an ideal choice. It creates a beautiful effects for both light and dark eyes.

  • Would you like to dramatically change your eye color? Acuvue 2 Colors Opaques or Freshlook Colors (Opaque) would do the job perfectly. They completely mask your real color, so even if you have dark eyes, you can change your color to blue or green.

See beauty advisor recommendations and find out which color contact lenses are best suited to different skin and hair types

Most colored contacts are available in in plano form (no visual correction), as well as in designs for people who have astigmatism, who need bifocal correction. They are usually available as extended wear, disposables or even daily disposables. However, daily disposable color contacts are produced very cheaply, so they don't look as natural as lenses with longer life circle.

The best way to buy your colored contact lenses is order them online. This way you will save 40-70% of their cost. Ordering online is safe and convenient, if you deal with a respectable company. We reviewed several sites for your convenience. is a well-known online contact lens and glasses retailer. They carry a big selection of color and special effect contact lenses at the lowest prices. You can get all brand name lenses prescribed by your doctor 40 - 70% cheaper than from the doctor’s office. Free shipping is available. Ships worldwide.

To save even more use special coupons :

TURNQ120 to take $20 off contact lens order over $99 + free shipping for new customers only, expires 28/02/2013

TURNQ1FS free shipping no minimum order, expires 28/02/2013

TURNQ1FPF first pair of glasses free (for new customers only), expires 28/02/2013

To use the coupon, copy it and paste into a coupon field when you get to "review and payment" step after you enter your shipping information.

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AClens - save 70% on Contact Lenses

AClens has been selling contacts and other optical goods online since 1996. They are a trusted and established company. The web site is well organized, so you can find your lenses in seconds. Prices are very low.(highly recommended)
1800Contacts is the largest retailer of mail order contact lenses. They have a good selection of lenses and the prices are low. Free shipping. Ships worldwide.


Acuvue color lens honey

In recent days contact lens manufacturers started producing one day disposable color contacts. These lenses are great for the health of your eyes, because you don't have to worry about cleaning them. You just wear a pair for one day and throw it away in the evening. Daily disposable color contacts are also great for people who want to wear different colors - one day you can have green eyes, another day sapphire blue. Most popular daily disposable color lenses are FrehsLook One Day lenses. It comes in blue, green, gray and pure hazel.

Acuvue color contact lens in Green

This is Acuvue color contact lens in Green over naturally grey eyes


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