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Cheap colored contacts

You can get non-prescription cheap colored contacts online

Free color contacts

Many people search for free color contact lenses, but you can’t order them online. Doctors usually offer you a trial pare of color contact lenses.


Color contact lens issues


How color contact lenses can affect your vision

The lenses that are colored over a pupil reduce quantity of light getting in an eye, which might be unsuitable for some activities. For example it is better to go with color lenses that are transparent over a pupil if you drive.

color contact lens pictureHowever the majority of partially transparent color lenses like Acuvue 2 Colors enhancers let through enough light to worry about sight problems.
If the lens lets through 80% or more of the light, there should be no problems. As for color perception some researchers concluded that color contact lens doesn’t distort colors, while others think that it slightly affects color vision.

Potential danger of using opaque color contact lenses is an effect it has peripheral vision and in casual change of sight because of different light conditions. This depends on how closely the center of the lens matches your pupil and also how well the lens is fitted. However researches on influence of opaque color lenses on vision have yielded inconsistent results.

Care for color contacts

Color contact lens doesn’t require any special care – you can use all available cleaning and storage solutions. As a result of using some cleaning solution color can grow dull, however with the usage of frequent replacement lenses and multipurpose solutions such cleaners are used very seldom.

Multipurpose solutions is best suited for cleaning and storing color lenses. However, remember that you shouldn’t rub your color contacts as you would rub clear lenses.

Some ways of colors used in color lenses can change an electric charge of a surface, which results in protein build-ups. However, if you are using frequent replacement lenses like Freshlook color lenses (monthly replacement) or Acuvue (2 weeks replacement) this shouldn’t be a problem.
From this point of view it is healthier to wear disposable color contacts rather then conventional ones.

As for oxygen permeability, color contacts let through as much oxygen as clear lenses. Coloration makes no difference.

Procedure of selection of color contact lenses can differ from techniques of selection of unpainted lenses a little. The centering is the major element of correct selection if it is necessary to receive conformity between a transparent zone of a pupil of a lens and a pupil of an eye, and between the painted zone of a lens and cornea. For all color contact lenses the cosmetic effect that will be better, than the centering is better, but for opaque color lenses it reduces possible influence on sight of figure of a lens to a minimum.




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