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Safety of contact lens cleaning solution is quite a serious issue for eye doctors and their patients.

Research results for solution safety often contradict each other. They depend on which contact lens company sponsors the research. It would be the safest to use daily disposable contacts all together – no cleaning solution and no safety issues. However, daily disposable lenses aren’t available for all prescriptions and not everybody can afford them. So if you have to use contact lenses cleaning solution, it is very important to select the safe one.

Lens solution manufacturers have to find a compromise between antibacterial strength of solution and its comfort for patients. Just think about it, a perfect lens solution must be deadly for bacteria or all kinds, but gentle to your eyes and contact lenses and be simple to use and affordable to buy. Not an easy task!

Multipurpose solutions that work best are Aquify and Opti-Free Express multipurpose.

However, for people with sensitive eyes it is best to use different solutions for cleaning and storing their lenses. Because even the most gentle multi purpose solution can cause mild irritation and dryness for your eyes. Use daily cleaning solution like Clear Care by Ciba Vision or Pure Eyes, to clean and disinfect your lens. Then rinse and store it in a saline solution. You can use gentle saline – Sensitive Eyes Saline by Bausch and Lomb solution, for example. Make sure you give your lens a good rinse, because cleaning solution might irritate your eyes, if it is not rinsed off.

Also preservatives that are added to solutions might cause allergic reaction to contact lens solutions. If the lenses feel uncomfortable, try switching to “no preservatives” solution.

No contacts solution should be used for longer than 6 month from opening the bottle. So if you wear contact lenses only occasionally, it is a good idea to buy a smaller solution bottle and replace it more often.

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