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Scientists agree, that improper care of contact lenses can lead to development of the infectious process seriously menacing to sight even if instructions on clearing lenses are carefully observedl.

The group of scientists of university Sassari managed to allocate from the infected eye of the patient bacterium Bacillus cereus (the close relative of the Siberian ulcer), causing food poisoning. And the preparations intended for clearing of lenses, could not kill Bacillus cereus. The lead analyses have shown, what exactly Bacillus cereus became the reason of infectious process in an eye.

The reasons of eye infections most often become the wrong maintenance and cleaning of lenses. In most cases clearing is made with application of antibiotics. But it is impossible to expect, that cleaning solutions will destroy all bacteria. Action of solutions is directed only on the certain kinds of bacteria.

When cleaning your lenses it is also important not to forget about contact lens case. Wash your case with soap at least once a week.



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