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Ciba Focus Dailies advantages

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Daily disposable contact lenses including Ciba Vision Focus Dailies are definitely the healthiest solution for your eyes. The risk of irritation and eye infection is minimal because the lens is fresh every morning. Also not sleeping in your lenses minimizes the risk of keratitis (inflammation of the cornea)

Focus Dailies don’t come in contact with cleaning solutions and many people are allergic to contact lens cleaning solutions.

There is no need for contact lens cases, which are often the source of infection. Often people forget that the case needs as much cleaning as the lens itself

Ciba Focus Dailies for healthy eyesFocus Dailies are very thin and contain very high percentage of water – 69%. This makes these lenses extremely comfortable, even for people with sensitive and dry eyes.

Daily disposable contacts provide clearer vision and more comfort, since there are no protein and lipids build-ups on them. Even the best cleaning doesn’t completely removes protein and other deposits.

Daily disposable contact lens doesn’t require any caring, just put them in and you are ready to go. This saves significant amount of time.

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