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Some theatrical contact lenses are mass-produced and don’t cost a fortune. You can get cheap theatrical contacts from online retailers who sell discount costume contact lenses.

Where can I get prescription theatrical contacts?

The best place to get prescription theatrical contact lenses is from reputable online retailers. This way you can save more than 50 % off the doctor’s office price.

If you need vision correction, but theatrical contact lenses you like are available only in plano (no corrective power) you can still wear them. It won’t damage your eyes in any way, you just won’t see any better than you normally see without your corrective contact lenses or glasses.

Warning! Costume shops and flea markets also sell cheap theatrical contact lenses. However it is a very bad idea to buy your costume contacts there. Any contact lens (even non prescription costume lens) is a medical device.

You should be particularly careful, if places like that sell no brand theatrical contact lenses. Most paints are highly toxic and when come in contact with the delicate surface of your eye can cause irritation. So the lenses might look spectacular, but be quite dangerous for your eyes.

Large contact lens manufacturers like Cooper Vision (they produce Crazy lenses) make sure that the paint is wrapped inside the safe material and actually doesn’t touch your eye. So brand name lenses like Wild Eyes and Crazy lenses are safe.



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