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Discount contact lenses

Find out how to get your prescription contacts much cheaper

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Cheap contact lenses

Eye doctors don't want you to know that you can get the same lenses 40-70% cheaper.


Cheap contact lenses review

If you want to get cheap contact lenses, buying your contacts online is the answer. You would be surprised to find out that online contact lens retailers offer discount contacts for 40-70% of the price you would pay for exactly the same lenses at the optometrist's office.

Are cheap contact lenses from online stores different from the lenses you order from eye care practitioners?

No, they are exactly the same contacts produced by the same companies. Contact lens manufacturers, like Johnson and Johnson Vision Products Inc, CIBA vision and Bausch & Lomb, distribute their contact lenses through eye care practitioners as well as through online and mail order retailers, where you can get your lenses much cheaper. For this reason most people prefer to buy their contacts online. In the recent years ordering discounted contacts online has become very popular.

Online contact lens stores have an enormous advantage over traditional retailers: they don't pay rent, they don't have any shop assistants, and they also save in other areas usually associated with running a traditional shop. By selling discounted contacts, they pass part of these savings to you. Also, big online retailers, like Coastal Contacts, sell thousands of discounted lenses each day, so they can afford to take less profit from each pare of lenses.

Ordering discount contacts online - some words of caution.

Ordering discounted contact lenses online is convenient and safe, when you buy from reputable contact lens retailers. However, the thing to remember about ordering anything over the Internet is that not all online stores are the same.

It is very easy to set up an e-commerce web site, and every man and his dog are selling online now. So along with top-quality, famous discount lens retailers, like Coastal Contacts or 1-800 Contacts, there are companies operated out of someone's garage.

There is nothing wrong with buying from a small company. However, it might happen that they only keep the most popular contacts in stock. So if you are prescribed lenses that are less common, they would have to order them for you, and that will cause a delay in shipping.

color contact lenses lingt eyes

Gorgeous color contacts can transform your look. is a well-known online contact lens and glasses retailer. They carry a big selection of contact lenses at the lowest prices. You can get all brand name lenses prescribed by your doctor 40 - 70% cheaper than from the doctor’s office. Free shipping is available. Ships worldwide. The also often have coupons for additional discount

To save even more use special coupons :

TURNQ120 to take $20 off contact lens order over $99 + free shipping for new customers only, expires 28/02/2013

TURNQ1FS free shipping no minimum order, expires 28/02/2013

TURNQ1FPF first pair of glasses free (for new customers only), expires 28/02/2013

To use the coupon, copy it and paste into a coupon field when you get to "review and payment" step after you enter your shipping information.

AClens - save 70% on Contact Lenses(highly recommended)
AClens has been selling contacts and other optical goods online since 1996. They are a trusted and established company. The web site is well organized, so you can find your lenses in seconds. Prices are very low.
Read review

1800-Contacts is the largest retailer of mail order contact lenses. They have a good selection of lenses and the prices are low. Free shipping. Ships worldwide.

color contact lenses lingt eyes

Example of Freshlook Colorblend color contacts - best color lenses for dark eyes

Can't find your prescribed contacts at any online store? It might very well be that your eye care provider played a low trick on you.

Are your prescribed lenses from the Ultraflex, Medflex, Polysoft , Proflex, Softmed , Target , Aqualens, Flextique, or Versaflex series, or some other name manufactured by Ocular Sciences, Inc.? Those are all the same contacts called by different names. And the manufacturer distributes their contacts mostly through eye care practitioners. This way doctors can be sure that you will buy your contact lenses from them (you don't have any other options) and the manufacturer gets the opportunity to distribute their product at higher prices. It's a win–win situation for everybody — except you, the patient.

The best advice, here, is to request a prescription for lenses made by another manufacturer. The same prescription should be available from reputable brands such as Acuvue (by Johnson & Johnson), Focus (by CIBA Vision Corp.) of Soflens (by Bausch & Lomb). With any of these lens groups, you can do a fair comparison-shopping and find the best discount price. Don't let your doctor force you to buy lenses at a price higher than nessesary.

I would also switch to another eye care practitioner, because I don't like to be cheated!

Discounted lenses for non-US residents

We are often asked where non-US residents can get cheap lenses. After evaluating online lens stores in the UK and Australia, we found that it is generally cheaper to order your lenses from a US-based retailer. Even though international shipping adds to the cost, the lowest prices we could find in the UK and AU sites were about 40–80% higher than from US-based companies like 1-800 contacts.

Canadians are lucky — big US-based companies charge the same shipping for orders from Canada as from the US. Also, if you feel more comfortable ordering your contact lenses from a Canadian company, then Coastal Contacts is a good choice. Not only do they offer the lowest prices on all contacts, but they are based in Canada.

5 things to consider when deciding where to order your discounted contacts.

  • Is the retailer big enough to have my prescribed lenses in stock?

  • Is the company reputable, and would I trust them my credit card number?

  • Does it offer cheap prices?

  • What are the shipping costs? Is free shipping available? This is very important because sometimes you see an attractive discounted price only to find out that the shipping cost is ridicules.

  • Does this contact lens retailer have good customer service?

As you see, there are more things to consider than just the cheapest price. Luckily for you, we have reviewed over 100 online discount contact lenses retailers and can recommend a few companies that are best across all five criteria.

If you are dreaming about having blue eyes, blue color contact lenses will do the trick. This girl wears blue contacts, her natural eye color is gray. Would you ever have guessed? You can get cheap color contact lenses online at very reasonable prices. There is a great variaty of them including Freshlook Colorblends, Acuvue 2 Colors and Expressions.

Colored contacts  turquoise


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