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Cat eye contacts are favorites for Halloween and other costume parties. They come in different colors and slightly different shapes. Cat eye contact lenses are opaque special effect lenses. Cat eyes are one of the most popular costume contacts design, so all brand name special effect lenses offer variations of cat eye designs

Cat eye contacts – what are your choices

We list cat eyes high quality contact lenses that offer great look and feel comfortable in your eyes.

Cat eyes from Crazy Lenses collection at Coastal Contacts

cat eyes contacts

Pros Cons
  • Green, red, white and yellow cat eyes lenses

  • Bright colors

  • Comfortable lens

  • Cheap price

  • Don’t come with corrective powers

Coastal Contacts has several pages of costume lenses designs, you will have to click through to the second page as none of the cat eyes lenses is visible on the first page

Wild Eyes by Cooper Vision cat eye design - bright yellow with a narrow black pupil, just like a real cat.

Pros Cons
  • Vivid color

  • Cat eye lens is comfortable in your eye

  • Cat eye lenses comes in Plano as well as with prescription powers

  • Lasts for a year

  • Available in yellow only

Crazy Lenses cat eyes by Ciba Vision – the cheapest of high quality special effect lenses

Pros Cons
  • Bright cat like color

  • Lens is thin and comfortable

  • Cheap price

  • Plano and corrective cat eye lenses available

  • Only yellow color

Can I see when wearing cat eye contact lense?

Yes, the center of the lens is clear so you can see. Also prescription cat eye lenses correct your vision. However, as with most opaque costume lenses, cat eye affects your peripheral vision, you will see a color ring when look to the side. It might annoy you at the start.

Even though brand name cat eye lenses are comfortable it is recommended to try it for a few hours before the party. This way your eyes can get used to the lens. This is particularly recommended for people who usually don’t wear contact lenses. If you wear clear or color contacts on a regular basis, cat eyes lens won’t feel any different and you probably won’t even notice that you are wearing it at all.

Before you commit yourself to cat eyes contact lenses, take a look at other costume contacts designs. Cat eye is probably the most popular design of Halloween contacts, and even though it is beautiful, you will hardly surprise anybody with cat eyes these days.



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