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Caring for RGP contact lenses


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RGP (rigid gas permeable) lenses are as easy to care for as soft contacts. When you buy a solution make sure, it is for hard contact lenses. Most multi-purposed solutions are for soft contacts only.

RGP contacts don’t get as much protein deposits as soft lenses, so cleaning them isn’t such a problem. Rub them lightly in a solution. Some practitioners recommend washing RGP contacts with water, but majority of doctors agree that it isn’t a good idea. Water contains all kinds of bacteria. You can use boiled water (cold of course), but it is safer to use solution.

RGP contact lenses careAs your RGP lens gets older, it will be more difficult to clean it. If it doesn’t provide clear vision any more, ask your eye doctor if it is possible to get it polished. Some practitioners do that.

When not wearing, keep your lenses in the special contact lens case in a solution (not water). Wash your case every time you take the lenses out. It is best to use unperfumed soap and rinse it with boiled water. Then let it dry before next use.

Most people don’t know it, but RGP contact lenses have many advantages over soft contact lens. They are as comfortable, as easy to care for and less expensive (in the long run) than soft contacts

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