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Caring for color contact lenses tips

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opaque color contact lens Color contact lenses don’t require any special care different from other types of contacts. However, you should be more gentle with them, don’t rub them while rinsing, otherwise the color might wash off.

How to care for color contacts

  1. You should rinse your color lenses every time you handle them – before putting them in and after taking them out. It is best to use multipurpose contact lens solution. Don’t use peroxide solutions – they damage the lens color.

  2. Never share your lenses with other people, even if you wash them afterwards. This can cause serious diseases of eyes.

  3. If you use decorative cosmetics or a hairspray, color contact lenses should be put on after spraying your hair but before applying make-up. If you need to spray your hair again, do so with your eyes tightly closed.

  4. Change solution every time you wear your lenses and wash your contact lens case at least twice a week. It is recommended to replace contact lens case every 2-3 month

  5. Be sure you can see in your lenses well before you drive. Opaque color lenses might block your vision slightly, if the lens shifts in your eye. Driving in special effect contacts, like Wild eyes or Crazy lenses isn’t recommended, it isn’t safe.

  6. If you have color contacts of several colors, store them in colored lens cases. This will help to avoid confusion

Don’t wear your color contacts for longer than 8-10 hours, particularly if you wear not frequent replacement lenses (like Freshlook or Acuvue 2 Colors) but annual replacement lenses. Conventional lenses are thick and have low oxygen permeability, in other words your eyes can’t breath in them. Opaque color lenses are usually thicker then enhancement lenses.

If you take proper care of your beautiful colored contact lenses, they are absolutely safe for you. However, never assume that you can just switch from ordinary contact lenses to color contacts. See an eye doctor to fit you with color contact lenses that would suit you best.

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