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Discount black contact lenses


Black contact lenses create a very interesting effect. It is amazing how different and inhuman your eyes would look when there is no color difference between the pupil and the iris (color portion of your eye)

Black out contact lenses that cover just the color portion of your eye

  • Black out from Wild Eyes would be the best choice
  • Opaque lens transforms any eye color to deepest black
  • High quality comfortable lens
  • Center is clear so you can see
  • Prescription as well as non prescription lenses are available

Black lenses from special effect crazy lenses available at Coastal Contacts are also good

  • True black color
  • Lens is thin and comfortable
  • Cheap black contacts
  • Plano (no correction) only

Black sclera contact lenses

Sclera is the visible portion of your eyes, so black sclera contact lens covers your entire eye, no white is left to see.

Usually sclera contact lenses are very expensive, however Coastal Contacts offers black sclera lenses at a very reasonable price.You can also order black out sclera from Eye, but their lenses are very pricey

Black sclera lenses as all sclerals are available in plano (no corrective powers) only

Cheap black contacts

If you order your black contact lens online you can get a very good discount. Buying costume contact lenses online generally saves you 40-70% off eye doctor prices. Coastal Contacts offers a good deal on cheap black contacts of high quality.

Can I get black toric lenses?

Unfortunately, black out lenses as all costume lenses are not available in toric. So people with astigmatism have to settle for ordinary correction. However, it won’t do any harm to your eyes if you wear ordinary black lens for just a few hours.



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