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Can astigmatism really be corrected with toric contact lenses?

Astigmatism and how toric contacts can correct it.




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Astigmatism is a quite common condition. Many who have a slightly blurred vision don’t even know that they have astigmatism and their vision can be improved with toric contacts. More severe cases or astigmatism are impossible to ignore, because the person sees everything blurry at any distance.

Astigmatism is usually a hereditary condition and it doesn’t progress. What happens is that in an astigmatic eye (cornea, the lens or both) is irregularly shaped. It resembles a football ball rather than a normal spherical shape.

There are two variation or astigmatism: regular and irregular. In regular astigmatism, the meridians in which the two different curves lie are located 180 degrees apart. In irregular astigmatism, the two meridians may be located at something other than 180 degrees apart; or there are more than two meridians.

Regular astigmatism can be easily corrected with toric contact lenses. Irregular astigmatism is more complicated and difficult to correct. It usually required custom made contact lenses.

Uncorrected astigmatism not only blurs your vision it can also give you headaches and eyestrain. So even the slightest condition shouldn’t be ignored.

Astigmatism and children

Normal eye - bottom, astigmatic eye - top

Kids often develop astigmatism, but they are usually afraid of a necessity to wear glasses, so they don’t complain about their vision. Even though astigmatism doesn’t progress, it can make a child’s life difficult at school.

It is recommended to give your child a regular eye examination, at least once a year. And if he or she is diagnosed with astigmatism, your child doesn’t have to wear glasses. Modern toric lenses are very good for correcting astigmatism, and they are absolutely safe for kids. In fact even babies can wear contact lenses, of course the parents will have to insert and remove the contacts.

Many people believe that if they have astigmatism, they are staked with RGP contact lenses. This is no longer true. Recently developed soft toric contact lenses can do as good job in correcting astigmatism as Rigid Gas Permeable contacts.



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