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contact lenses for healthy eyes

Best disposable contacts
Why so many people turn to disposable contact lenses? There are several reasons, first is health of your eyes – less chance of infection. Second – convenience, disposable lenses need much less care. Third, they are not as expensive as they were in the past – buying disposable brand name lenses online you can save a lot.

Types of contact lenses
Contact lenses have become more and more popular in recent years. They have so many advantages over glasses, and now when you can buy cheap with discount online, they are affordable for everybody.

Acuvue contacts – are they really that good?
Acuvue contacts - most prescribed contact lenses in the USA. Acuvue contacts are the most prescribed contact lenses because they are comfortable, they offer excellent vision correction and they are affordable.

Contact lenses for water sports
Swimming, diving, surfing, and water ski - all these kinds of sports inevitably lead contact your eyes with water. Many enthusiasts are actively engaged in water sports, and good sight for these activities is very important for your safety.

Non prescription color contacts
When offered an opportunity, very few people would refuse to change something in the appearance. With the development of non-prescription color contacts you have an opportunity to make the most dramatic change – change your eye color. However, surprisingly few people wear color contacts yet.

Coloured contact lenses types
Coloured contact lenses have become more and more popular these days. The opportunity of colouring of contact lenses has been opened at an early stage of history of contact lenses.

Color contact lens issues
The lenses that are colored over a pupil reduce quantity of light getting in an eye, which might be unsuitable for some activities. For example it is better to go with color lenses that are transparent over a pupil if you drive.

Contact lenses for holiday
While you are in a usual mode of a life - home, work, days off - and observe all doctor's instructions for caring of your contact lenses, using your lenses basically does not cause any problems. However, the situation radically changes, when you go away on holidays.
contact lenses for healthy eyes

When you should never wear contact lenses
If you experience one of the following symptoms, take your contact lenses off immediately

Opinions on RGP contact lenses
RGP lenses (Rigid Gas Permeable) are sometimes also called GP contacts. They are made of a firm, durable plastic that transmits oxygen. They are a healthier choose: because they don't contain water, RGP lenses resist protein deposits and are less likely to harbor bacteria than soft contacts. GP contact lenses clean and disinfect easily, don't dehydrate, and last longer than soft lenses -- often for many years.

Information about RGP contact lenses
People who wore rigid lenses about ten years ago probably didn’t enjoy them too much. Constantly red eyes – probably the most frequent association with rigid lenses. However, since then technology of manufacturing RGP contact lenses (rigid gas permeable lenses) improved significantly and the situation has changed for the better.

Caring for RGP contact lenses
RGP (rigid gas permeable) lenses are as easy to care for as soft contacts. When you buy a solution make sure, it is for hard contact lenses. Most multi-purposed solutions are for soft contacts only.

Soft contact lens tips
Soft contact lenses are easy to care for and their convenience compensates for your efforts. These are simple rules all soft contact lens wearers should follow to keep their eyes healthy.

Special contact lenses for sports
Contact lens manufacturers developed special contact lenses for different kinds of sports. For example, " Wesley Jessen " (now a division of " CIBA Vision ") produced contact lenses "ProSoft", selectively increasing contrast of recognition of yellow color of a ball for softball and tennis.

Disposable contact lenses

Replace your contact lens case 3 - 4 months. Bacteria form a film on a surface of plastic of which the container is made

Don’t use lenses when you got a cold. For this time glasses will be necessary to you.

Hydrogel contact lense
Recently silicon hydro gel contact lenses appeared on the market. They are made of a material of a new generation. These are the soft lenses possessing high gas permeability, competitive with good rigid gas-permeable lenses. Focus Night and Day and Acuvue Advance are most popular of these new lenses.

Contact lens risks
Contact lens is great alternative for glasses. They don’t restrict your peripheral vision, don’t steam, don’t press against your nose and eyes and let your play any sport your like. However, eye doctors, often talk about risks related to contacts lenses. Wearing contact lenses that aren’t properly fitted for you and not caring for contact lenses properly, can cause your serious eye problems.

Make up tips for contact lens wearers
The first and most important rule is that eye make up should be applied after your lenses are already in. Otherwise mascara and eye shadow particles can get under the lens, creating discomfort.

Daily disposable contacts review
Since all studies have shown that the more often patients change their contact lenses – the better, daily disposable contacts become popular as soon as they were released to the market. The most successful and popular daily disposable contact lenses are Acuvue by Johnson and Johnson, Focus Dailies by Ciba Vision and Soflens One Day by Bausch and Lomb.

Cosmetic color contacts
Cosmetic color contacts were created to change your natural eye color. Colored contacts are great if you want to change your image or just brighten your look. There are two main types of cosmetic colored contacts

Contact lenses with UV protection
It is now a proven fact that UV rays badly affect your eyes. Exposure to sunlight can cause cataracts and other nasty eye diseases.

Allergic reactions to contact lens solutions
Many people show allergic reactions to contact lens solutions, usually the problem is added preservatives. First thing to do is ask your doctor to recommend solution with no preservatives. Sometimes using different brand of solution might help as well.

Contact lenses for dry eyes comparison
Dry eyes are a terrible problem for contact lens wearer’s. The lens is fine in the morning, but by the end of the day it feels like sand.

Ciba Focus Dailies advantages
Daily disposable contact lenses including Ciba Vision Focus Dailies are definitely the healthiest solution for your eyes. The risk of irritation and eye infection is minimal because the lens is fresh every morning. Also not sleeping in your lenses minimizes the risk of keratitis (inflammation of the cornea)

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