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Eye health – simple tips to make your eyes happy and healthy
Eye health – tips to keep your eyes healthy and happy
Human eye is an amazing and delicate mechanism. And eye health is important for everybody. Keeping your eyes healthy is really not that difficult, just follow the simple tips below and your eyes will feel good.

Contact lens dangers
"I have a very bad sight. I wish to change glasses for lenses, but I am afraid of disease which refers to "keratitis". Is everybody who wears contact lenses at risk?" We are often asked questions like that.

RGP lenses and soft contact lenses compared
Unlike soft contct lenses, Rigid Gas Permeable lenses (RGP)are really rigid. These lenses require very careful handeling, they are easy for scratch or break. Also RGP lenses has some ajustement period, they don’t feel comfortable from the first day you wear them.

Contact lens tips
Everything you need to know to care for your contact lens properly

How to clean contact lenses
Scientists agree, that improper care of contact lenses can lead to development of the infectious process seriously menacing to sight even if instructions on clearing lenses are carefully observedl.

How to insert and remove your contact lenses
Learn to insert and remove your contact lenses the right and easy way. Cleaning and caring for contacts advice.

Smoking affect on your vision
Nobody will argue, that the tobacco smoke first of all badly influences lungs. But harm for health is not limited to it. Majority of patients with cataracts are smokers.

Eye health and sports
In the past doctors didn’t recommend sport activities to shortsighted people. Now they have different opinion. Researches have shown, that playing sports raise working capacity of an eye muscle, strengthen sclera of an eye and even helps to stop progressing of short-sightedness.

Healthy eyes food
Diet is important for healthy eyes. Find out what food improves your eyes, vitamins for good vision. What is the best diet for people with eye problems: a cataract, glaucoma, shortsightedness, and far-sightedness? Can the food your eat affect your sight?

Disposable contact lens pros and cons
Disposable contact lens became increasingly popular over the last few years. They pushed conventional lenses (annual replacement lenses) of the market.The reason is promotional efforts of contact lens manufacturers. Of course – patient who switched to disposable lenses would spend more on his or her contacts than before. Let’s look at disposable contact lenses not from a perspective of a seller, but from a perspective of a buyer and see what are the benefits and drawbacks of disposable contacts to you – contact lens wearer.

Toric lenses review
More than third of the people who wear glasses, have astigmatism from 0,75 and above, and 27,5 % - from 0,75 to 2,0, therefore it is no wonder toric contact lenses of frequent replacement become more and more popular.

Daily disposable contact lens
For most people daily disposable contact lens have advantages over conventional lenses – they are more comfortable, require less care and provide crisp vision all the time. However for some patients disposable lenses have additional advantages.

Healthy contact lenses with more oxygen review
Times when people had to wear unsafe contact lenses are gone. A decade ago conventional lenses were thick, with low oxygen permeability and tricky to care for. Not any more - contact lens industry improved dramatically over the recent years. However, not all modern contacts are equally healthy for your eyes. The healthyest contact lenses with more oxygen for your eyes are silicone hydrogel lenses, biocompatible lenses, daily disposable contacts and RGP lenses.

Proclear compatible contacts
Eye dryness and discomfort are among the most common contact lens wearers complains. Contact lenses would be great if they didn’t feel dry at the end of the day. This isn’t a problem for everybody, however if your eyes feel dry at the end of the day, you need to ask your doctor to switch you to lenses that doesn’t dehydrate as much.

Healthy contact lens – which lenses are best
Two important factors should be considered when selecting contact lenses – how often you are going to replace them and for how long you plan to wear them every day. The current trend in USA is a decrease of prescribing conventional (annual replacement) lenses and monthly disposable lenses in favor of daily disposables.

Contact lens cleaning solutions
Research results for solution safety often contradict each other. They depend on which contact lens company sponsors the research. It would be the safest to use daily disposable contacts all together – no cleaning solution and no safety issues. However, daily disposable lenses aren’t available for all prescriptions and not everybody can afford them. So if you have to use contact lenses cleaning solution, it is very important to select the safe one.

Contact lens solutions types
There are many contact lens care products on the market. You don’t need to use them all, of course. This review might help you select contact lens solution that is right for you.

Extended wear contacts
Modern contact lenses offer you an option extended wear contacts. This is very appealing for busy people – no cleaning fuss and your vision is perfect even if you got up in the middle of the night. However, if you choose extended wear lenses, you should be aware of certain risks.

Proclear toric contacts review
Proclear toric contacts are part of the Cooper Vision Proclear compatible line of contact lenses. Proclear lenses were designed to provide exceptional comfort, for people who have sensative eyes or have to wear contact lenses for 14-16 hours.

Special effect contacts for crazy eyes
Special effect contacts are great for Halloween and also for the people, wishing to give their appearance a touch of extravagant.

Enhancement color contacts
Enhancement color contact lenses are intended for people with light eyes. They don’t change your natural color, but add brightness to your eyes. If you want a complete change, you need opaque, not enhancement lenses.

Opaque colored contacts for dark eyes
Lenses with opaque color are ideal for people with dark eyes who wish to change color of eyes, for example, to blue, green or it is simply lighter brown. Best opaque color contacts for dark eyes are Expressions and Natural Touch by Cooper Vision, Freshlook Colorblends by Ciba Vision and Acuvue 2 Colors Opaques.

Caring for color contact lenses
Color contact lenses don’t require any special care different from other types of contacts. However, you should be more gentle with them, don’t rub them while rinsing, otherwise the color might wash off.

Colored contacts review and comparison
For hundreds years women have been matching cloths color to the color of their eyes. But now you can have an eye color to match your cloth. Colored contacts are great if you always want to look fresh and different.

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