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Coastal Contacts - discount contact lenses online
At Coastal Contacts you can buy all brand name contact lenses with great discount. They provide professional service and quick delivery of your lenses.

Wild eyes - make that costume real
Wild eyes – perfect for a wild party
Wild eyes are costume contact lenses produced by CibaVision. They are soft opague contacts and as all lenses by this company are comfortable in the eyes. Wild eyes come in many designes and can transfer an ordinary custume into something completely wild and inhuman.

Acuvue 2 Colors - most popular color contacts
Acuvue 2 colors - things you need to know about Acuvue color contacts
Acuvue 2 Colors is a color variation of Acuvue 2 – most popular contact lenses in the US. Now anybody can easily change the hue of her or his eyes with color contact lenses, and Acuvue color contacts is one of the most popular choices.

Acuvue 2 contact lenses review.
Why doctors prescribe Acuvue 2 more than any other contact lenses
Acuvue 2 is part of the Acuvue family produced by Johnson & Johnson. It is a frequent replacement contact lens, where 2 stands for two weeks replacement. It means that you wear your Acuvue lens during the day, take them out at night and replace with a new pare after 2 weeks.

Acuvue Advance - things you need to know about Acuvue contacts
Acuvue Advance is a 1-2 week replacement contact lens that offers long lasting comfort for your eyes.

Acuvue bifocal - pros and cons of most popular bifocal contact lenses
Acuvue Bifocal is a great alternative to bifocal glasses. When bifocal contact lenses his the market, it was a great relief for people who need bifocals, but hate glasses. Some of the earlier designs, however, were not very comfortable or didn’t do the job properly.

Acuvue toric review.
Toric lenses are designed for astigmatism
Acuvue toric contact lenses from Johnson and Johnson are designed for people with astigmatism. Astigmatism is a condition, when cornea or eye lens is irregularly shaped which causes light images to focus on two separate points in the eye and creates a distorted image. Toric lenses can fix this problem.

Acuvue - best promotion or best quality?
Produced by Johnson & Johnson, Acuvue contact lenses are, by far, more extensively advertised than any other brand of contact lenses — no wonder they are so popular! But let’s take an objective look, and compare the features of Acuvue lenses with those of other brands of contact lenses.

Freshlook or Acuvue 2 Colors, which cosmetic contact lenses are best for you?
Two main brands dominate the market of cosmetic contact lenses – Freshlook and Acuvue 2 Colors. Both offer vivid brilliant colors for dark and light eyes, both are comfortable and affordable lenses, so which one should you go with?

Freshlook contacts
Freshlook contacts - review of popular colored contact lenses
Freshlook contacts are colored contact lenses by Ciba Vision. They are suitable for dark and light eyes.Freshlook offers four collections or color contact lenses

What causes astigmatism and how toric contacts can help to correct it
Astigmatism is a quite common condition. Many who have a slightly blurred vision don’t even know that they have astigmatism and their vision can be improved with toric contacts.

What is a stigmatism and how it can be corrected with toric contact lenses?
Actually it is not a stigmatism, but an astigmatism. It is a condition of the eye when cornea, lens, or both are irregularly shaped so that images aren't focused sharply on the retina. As a result, the eye has different focal points in different planes.

Best deals on Acuvue contacts
40-80% off and FREE shipping on the following Acuvue lenses. Acuvue contacts are comfortable, offer exceptional vision clarity and affordable. These are the reasons they are the most prescribed contact lenses in the USA.

Freshlook Colorblends for your fresh look. Popular color contacts review
Freshlook Colorblends is part of 4 Freshlook collections by Ciba Vision. Coloblends are opaque color contact lenses that give your eyes a bright fresh look. Contacts are made using special technology that allows to blend three colors into one, that is why they are called Colorblends.

Freshlook Radiance – cosmetic contacts that make your eyes sparkle
Freshlook Radiance - see which colors are right for you. It is the first illuminating contact lens that makes your eyes sparkle

Cosmetic contacts review. Non prescription colored contacts.
Cosmetic contacts are one of the most exciting inventions of recent years. Now you can obtain any eye color you like regardless of your natural eye color. And if ordering online you can get non prescription colored contacts

Color contact lenses color chart
Color chart will help you decide which color contact lenses go best with your skin, hair and eyes. Beauty advisor tips on selecting color contact lenses that suit you best.

Dangers of colored contact lenses and special effect contact lenses
Colored contact lenses and special effect lenses are safe if you follow the safety rules. Otherwise color contacts can lead to eye health problems

Focus Dailies review – pros and cons of Focus contact lenses
Focus dailies contact lenses by Ciba Vision is a healthy solution for your eyes. People who wear Focus daily disposable lenses report a very clear vision and no or very little dryness in their eyes.

Focus contact lenses review
Types of Focus contact lenses reviewed with pros and cons of each type. Focus contact lenses by Ciba Vision offer a big selection of contact lens. We reviewed the most successful of Focus lenses. Depending on your vision correction needs and life style you have the following choices.

Focus Night and Day contacts review
Can you really wear contact lens continuously for 30 days? Focus night and day contacts by Ciba Vision are a real relief for people who likes to wear contact lenses, but don’t have time to put them in every day.

Crazy colored contacts – are they safe to wear?
Crazy colored contacts review and pictures; find scary contacts that work best. Crazy contacts safety rules.Crazy color contact lenses like Crazy Lenses by Cooper Vision or Wild Eyes by Ciba Vision feel comfortable in your eyes.

Crazy contact lens review
Crazy contact lens is a brand name special effect contact lenses by Cooper Vision. Actually they are called Crazy Lenses. These costume lenses are fully opaque and create bright and exciting color effects. Crazy Lenses completely change your natural eye color to the design you choose.

Where to get costume non-prescription scary contact lenses
Review of trusted online retailers of costume non prescription scary contact lenses. Technically it is illegal to sell any contact lenses, including scary costume contacts, without doctor’s prescription. However, there is a way to get them ...

Crazy contact lenses – do they really work as advertised?
Crazy contact lens by Cooper Vision review. Crazy lenses designs pictures. If you want to attract attention, crazy contact lenses are a sure way to go. Even if you have dark eyes, Crazy Lenses completely mask your natural color replacing it with a crazy design.

Cheap theatrical contacts – where to get discount costume contact lenses
Some theatrical contact lenses are mass-produced and don’t cost a fortune. You can get cheap theatrical contacts from online retailers who sell discount costume contact lenses.

Costume contact lenses – best theatrical contacts review
Costume contact lenses - Crazy Lenses, Wild Eye and other theatrical contacts collections comparison and pictures

Vampire contact lenses
Vampire contact lenses - compare designs for vampire eyes special effect contacts. There are a few brand name costume contact lenses to choose from, the two vampire lenses we recommend create the greatest effect and also feel comfortable in your eyes.

Halloween costume contacts
Can people who never wore contact lenses before wear costume contacts? Costume contacts review, pictures and comfort issues

Black contact lenses
Black contact lenses - compare your options, pictures pros and cons of black out contact lens by different brands. It is amazing how different and inhuman your eyes would look when there is no color difference between the pupil and the iris (color portion of your eye)

Glow in the dark contacts
Glow in the dark Halloween contacts best brands of glow in the dark contact lenses compared, discount glowing lenses. Glow in the dark contacts are so much fun! Inhuman eyes glowing from the dark corner can give you a good scare on a Halloween night.

Mirrored contact lenses
Special effect mirrored contact lenses information pictures and designs. Mirrored contact lenses are a recent invention of special effect contact lens industry. Mirrored contacts are completely opaque and reflect everything just like a real mirror.

White contacts
White contacts are excellent for a Halloween party or just to play a joke on your friends. White contact lenses create effect of blind eyes or zombie effect.

Cat eye contacts
Cat eye contacts are favorites for Halloween and other costume parties. They come in different colors and slightly different shapes. Cat eye contact lenses are opaque special effect lenses.

Special effect contact lenses
Special effect contact lenses review, compare special effects contact lens best designs, pictures of costume contacts

Colour contact lenses review
Colour contact lenses - compare your options, see pictures of coloured lenses, reviews and tips for best colour. Where to get cheap non prescription colour contacts

Cosmetic contact lenses
Many people are searching for cosmetic contact lenses. These are color contact lenses that don’t have any corrective powers and are used purely for cosmetic effect – to change of enhance your eye color.

Colored contact lens comparison
There are many exciting designs of color contact lens. Most popular are Acuvue 2 Colors and Freshlook. Without question these are good lenses, but what if you aren’t happy with any of them, are there any better options?


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