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RGP disposable contact lenses
Many people search for RGP (rigid gas permeable) disposable contact lenses. Unfortunately RGP disposable contacts don’t exist. RGP lenses are more expensive to manufacture than soft contacts, therefore it would be not cost effective to produce RGP disposable contact lens.

Allergic reactions to contact lens solutions - how to prevent them


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Many people show allergic reactions to contact lens solutions, usually the problem is added preservatives. First thing to do is ask your doctor to recommend solution with no preservatives. Sometimes using different brand of solution might help as well.

Another solution for allergy problem is switching to daily disposable contact lenses. Since you open a fresh package every morning and throw your lenses at the end of the day, using cleaning solution isn’t necessary.

Relief for people suffering from allergic conjunctivitis

Many people prone to allergies suffer from allergic conjunctivitis, particularly in high allergy seasons. Symptoms include irritation and redness of the eyes. For these people contact lenses become a real nuisance.

cleaning solutionsThe best solution for people who suffers from allergies is daily disposable contacts. Even if you clean monthly disposable lenses very well, tiny particles of allergen might still stay on the lens when you put it in next morning. With daily disposables it isn’t a problem – the lens coming out of the package is sterile.

Best daily disposable contact lenses are 1-Day Acuvue by Johnson and Johnson and Focus Dailies by Ciba Vision.

Focus Dailies are recommended by FDA for people with seasonal conjunctivitis. These lenses are made from a high quality polymer and contain 69% of water, which makes them very comfortable in your eyes and prevents dryness.

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