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If you are working at the office, you probably notice that after peering at the screen all day long your eyes feel very tired and hurt. You aren’t alone, about 88% of computer users experience some degree of eyestrain.

And if you wear contact lenses it is even worse – your eyes get even dryer and the lenses feel like sand paper. If you want the lenses that would feel comfortable even at the end of the day Acuvue Advanced would work best.

You eyes dry so much at the computer because it is difficult for them to focus on the computer screen. So we put extra effort peering at the screen, concentrate and blink much less often than usual. Blinking is important for rewetting your eyes.

To minimize the dry eyes effect you need the lenses that would retain as much moisture as possible. Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear has a unique solution to eye dryness problem.

Hydraclear is a moisture rich element that lies throughout the interior and exterior of the lens and creates a soft, comfortable for long hours.

Acuvue Advance prons and cons

Acuvue Advanced pros Acuvue Advanced cons
  • Lenses are extremely comfortable

  • You can wear Acuvue Advance from early morning till midnight

  • Your eyes don’t dry when working at the computer

  • Acuvue Advance is slightly more expensive than other 2 week replacement lenses

Some Acuvue Advance wearers also mention that after 2 weeks the lens becomes grayish and not very clear. So you can’t wear it for a month instead of 2 weeks (as recommended).

Acuvue Advance toric is now available

Acuvue Advance contact lenses proved to be very successful. And recently Johnson and Johnson (manufacturer of Acuvue lenses) released Acuvue Advanced Toric for people with astigmatism. So now even if you have astigmatism you can enjoy the comfort of Acuvue Advance.




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