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contact lens reviewsUnlike soft contct lenses, Rigid Gas Permeable lenses (RGP)are really rigid. These lenses require very careful handeling, they are easy to scratch or break. Also RGP lenses has some ajustement period, they don’t feel comfortable from the first day you wear them.

At the same time, RGP has a number of advantages: they are much less prune to protein buid ups and they seldom cause allergic reactions. Though there are special solution for clearing firm lenses, you can wash them with unparfurmed soap.

Both soft contact lenses and rigid contact lenses are used for correction of short-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism and psybiopia, as well as color contact lenses to change the color of your eyes. A range of their application - from plus 20.0 up to a minus of 20.0 dioptries.

Rigid lenses are simply irreplaceable if the patient suffers from astigmatism or has a very irregular cornea. Many doctors agree that for astigmatism RGP toric contact lenses work better than soft toric contacts.

Types of RGP lenses

There are actually two types of rigit lenses gas-permeable and non gas-permeable (which are now pretty much a thing of the past). The silicone containing in rigid lenses, helps their good permeability for oxygen. And sufficient ammount of ogygen is very important for healthy eyes.

But silicone suffers the same defect, as soft lenses: protein build ups which causes discomfort and finally limits service life of lenses.

As a general rule, rigid lenses let through much more oxygen, especially when very high power is requared (in this case soft contact lens would be very thick).

Both soft contacts and rigit lenses requare careful fitting by and eye care professional. Soft lenses are usually cheaper, but good ones last no longer than a month. Conventional soft lenses that lasted for a year are not common any more because they aren’t healthy for your eyes.

Rigit lenses, to the contrary, last much longer without creating any health problems. So altimately they will cost you less. You can also save a great deal if you order them discount contact lenses online.




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