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Doctors don’t want you to know that you can get discount eyewear from 1 800 Contacts and save a lot




1 800 Contacts review

1 800 Contacts is the largest contact lenses online retailer. They have been around for a while and claim to fulfill over 10 millions orders in the last 7 years.

They have over 20 millions of contact lenses in the inventory, even the most rare brands and powers. The only contact lenses they don’t carry are special effect contacts. There has been a great deal of controversy over ordering costume lenses online. Teenagers often order those fun contacts without consulting a doctor first and damage their eyes as a result. 1 800 Contacts doesn’t want to support that activity, so they don’t offer any special effect lenses.

To order your lenses online from 1 800 Contacts you first has to get prescription from your doctor. Some doctors are reluctant to give prescription to the patient and try to force you to order your lenses from them. This is illegal. According to Contact Lens Fairness Act your doctor has to give you prescription if you ask for it. So know your consumer rights and be insistent.

Ordering form 1800 Contacts is easy, but you have to have your prescription on hand. It will require you to select the type of lens you want and then enter power and base curve. It is very important to enter the numbers exactly as the prescription tells, otherwise you might end up with the lenses that don’t fit.

You don’t have to send them the copy of your prescription, just give your doctor phone number. The company will contact your doctor and verify it itself.

Does 1800 Contacts offer the lowest price on contact lenses?

The short answer is no, they don’t. Even though comparing to doctor’s prices 1800 Contact’s prices are very cheap, there are other online retailers like Coastal Contacts or AC Lens who offer the same lenses a few dollars cheaper.

However 1800 Contacts has a very important advantage – free shipping on orders of any size (only for US and Canada) Other companies usually offer free shipping only on orders over a certain amount. So if you only want 1 box of contact lenses 1800 Contacts undoubtedly offer the beast deal.

If you want to save even more, you can order a year supply of lenses and get a rebate. That will save you additional $40-80 off already discounted price.

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