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If you doctor tells you that ordering contact lenses online is difficult or the lenses are of inferior quality, it is not true. You can order exactly the same contact lenses by the same manufacturer from 1 800 Contacts – a large online retailer that sells discount eyewear online.

Online order process is easy

The only thing you need to get your discount contacts online is your prescription or a box of contacts you are currently wearing. For most lenses 1 800 Contacts will ask you for 3 things:

  • First you need to select the lens you are prescribed. Make sure you select the exact model your prescription mentions, for example Acuvue and Acuvue 2 are two different types of lenses (Acuvue is extended 7 day wear, when Acuvue 2 is 2 week replacement lens)

  • Select the powers. Note that you might have different power in each eye

  • Select BC which stands for a base curve of your eye and is a number between 8 and 10

  • Select DIA (diameter) a number between 13 and 15. Even though most contacts have only one diameter and don’t give you a choice

For special contact lenses like torics or bifocals there are additional parameters. Torics require CYL and axis. Bifocal contacts require an ADD number, which is a number between 1 and 3 and usually written right after the power.

After the hard part is done, 1 800 Contacts will also need you contact details and shipping address and your doctor’s phone or address.

Is ordering discount eyewear from 1800 Contacts the best deal you can find online?

1 800 Contacts is the largest and most famous online contact lens retailer, but their prices aren’t the cheapest. You might find that other online stores like AC Lens offer even more discounted prices.

However 1800 Contacts offers free shipping on orders of any size (only for US and Canada) Other companies usually offer free shipping only on large orders. So if all you want is 1-2 boxes 1 800 Contacts offers the best total price.

If you want to save even more, you can order a year supply of lenses and get a rebate. That will save you additional $40-80 off already discounted price.

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